Patty Hemingway

020 8333 0413

Registered Homeopath (RMANM) MA, D.Hom (Med)

& EFT Practitioner (MAAMET)



These workshops offer an opportunity to learn more about how to treat minor ailments with homeopathic medicine, in a small friendly group.  No prior knowledge is necessary, but if you are already using homeopathic remedies then this is a chance to find out more.


Please contact me if you are interested in attending an informal evening workshop on one of the following topics or suggest a topic of your own:


• How to treat summer illnesses at home and on holiday

• Homeopathy for travel

• Coughs, Colds and Flu treated with homeopathy

• Childhood illnesses and how to treat them with homeopathy

• First aid, accidents and injuries

• Women’s health and hormonal balance

• Homeopathy for pregnancy and childbirth


Participants receive straightforward notes on self-prescribing homeopathic remedies, and there is an opportunity to ask questions.


Homeopathic remedy kits are available for sale at the workshops. And in the future will be available to buy through the client area portal.


Please contact me for details.

Learn how to self-prescribe homeopathic remedies: