Patty Hemingway

020 8333 0413

Registered Homeopath (RMANM) MA, D.Hom (Med)

& EFT Practitioner (MAAMET)


Welcome to naturally better health!

Are you looking for safe natural treatments for yourself or your family ?  This website is all about how natural remedies such as homeopathy or EFT are free of side-effects, and can help you to feel better no matter what health problems you are facing.


I understand that people trying an alternative therapy for the first time may be unsure of what to expect, and need answers to their questions, so if you don't find what you are looking for here, please call me for more information.


I can help with a range of problems, and I am always pleased to treat children and babies.  Homeopathic remedies can be taken during pregnancy, or if you want to have a baby and are trying to become pregnant.


Many people with chronic illnesses have benefited from a fresh approach, and report feeling better after treatment with homeopathy or EFT.


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A little bit about me

I first discovered homeopathy when my children were little and they needed help to recover from various childhood illnesses.  They soon felt better, and so did I !


As a result, I left my work in continuing education, and trained to become a homeopath; graduating from the Hahnemann College, London in 1998.  I am registered with the Association of Natural Medicine, and I currently work in South West London with clinics in Clapham, Battersea and Balham.


My education in the healing

arts has continued, and over

the years I have qualified in

additional therapies and

techniques, such as EFT.


I have a special interest in

helping children with specific

learning difficulties such as

dyslexia, and treating people

affected by environmental

pollutants such as electromagnetic radiation.  I believe in an integrated approach to health, and I am happy to work with other therapists and medical practitioners.

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