Patty Hemingway

020 8333 0413

Registered Homeopath (RMANM) MA, D.Hom (Med)

& EFT Practitioner (MAAMET)


How to get in touch

A first consultation usually lasts 45 minutes for a child and 1 hour for an adult.  Remedies are usually ready for collection within 48 hours, or can be posted to you.


It is important to return for a second consultation to discuss any changes as most chronic illnesses require follow up treatment.  The first remedy prescribed should be given time to work and any changes in symptoms reported at the next consultation.  Everyone seeking homeopathic treatment needs a minimum of two appointments and many chronic conditions will need treatment over a longer period.


Telephone advice between consultations is free, and you are welcome to phone with queries, or to let me know how you are after taking your remedy, although all changes will be discussed at the next consultation.  The best time to phone is between 9.00 and 9.30 most weekday mornings and at other times messages can be left on my answer-phone.


If you need treatment for new symptoms in the period immediately following a consultation, and you phone for advice then there are no further charges as the symptoms are usually associated with the original illness being treated.


However, if you are not receiving regular treatment, are not between appointments or have not seen me in the past  four weeks,  and you would like to be treated for an acute illness (eg flu, minor injuries or a sore throat etc), then you should request an acute consultation by phone.  


After a short consultation (about 10 minutes) a remedy will be prescribed which you can either collect in the usual way, or select  from your homeopathy kit.  The fee is payable only once no matter how many times you need to call for advice or a new remedy during the course of  the acute illness.  Before phoning for an acute consultation you may find it useful to note the main symptoms and consider any possible causes.


Homeopaths are trained to recognize what are new symptoms, and when symptoms may be due to an aggravation of the original disease, so if you are not sure which kind of consultation you need then please ask.  Sometimes, what may seem like an acute illness is actually a flare up of a bigger underlying problem which will require a longer consultation.

Contacting me:

About Appointments:

Please contact me by phone on the following number


        020 8333 0413 (Domestic UK Caller)

       +44 20 8333 0413 (International Caller)


Alternatively if you are interested in homeopathy and would like to know more about a specific area, or would prefer to contact me via email, please use the form below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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